When did you first notice the change?

When did you first notice the change?

November 2013

#Minicomic #Blood

This is a one page story from D.R.A.X, a comic I put together with Ive Sorocuk and Arran Mckenna for a Halloween party that Ive put on.
You can get a copy here if you like:, or if you are in Melbourne, you can probably find one in All Star Comics, Sticky or Squishface. You might have to look closely for them.

There's a also a digital copy which you can get to read on whatever digital think you have, currently selling for radiohead prices, which is to say as much as you would like.

The Author's Face — short form comics, stories from Andrew Fulton. There's more about it here

You can follow Andrew on Twitter or Instagram, or – more sensibly – there is a twitter for just these comics.

I guess this one is pretty old, hope it holds up.