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Except for the occasional guest strip, all of these are made by Andrew Fulton, a cartoonist in Melbourne, Australia. This website has been around for a while, but I kind of stopped posting here, and things went on twitter and instagram instead. I thought it would be nice to have my own real website again.

Most of the comics here are drawn with a nib pen on paper. I tried drawing digitally for a while but it wasn't much fun and looked awful. There are probably a few left in the archive there if you want to go look.

Not sure what else I can tell you. I like drawing comics, they are a pretty special magic.

If you want to, you can email me at

I also organise – a yearly subscripton series of Australian comics that you should very much check out.

A largely correct list of comics I have self published and/or anthologies I have made comics for

  • There are Thirty Eight Panels In This Comic (2018) For the
  • I Live Here, And (2017) For the
  • More That You May Have Seen On Instagram Already (2016) Self published minicomic
  • Down By The Water Was A Wall (2015) Self published minicomic
  • Brothers (2014) For the third season of the Minicomic of the Month club
  • We'm (2014) Self published minicomic
  • My Beautiful Ghost (2013) Self published minicomic
  • Pubes of Fire, Pubes of Flame (2013) Self published minicomic
  • Blood and Thunder II (2013) A short strip called Cashies in the second volume of the Blood and Thunder anthology.
  • Hone (2013) For the second season of the Minicomic of the Month club. Online here
  • Dailies (2012) A super-short strips called Clean in Silent Army's comic newspaper
  • Mad Bonz 4 Lyfe (2012) Self published minicomic
  • Good (2012) Self published minicomic
  • I Will Beat You At Mario Kart And You Will Cry (2012) An anthology me and Ive 'edited'.
  • Can You Still Get Pregnant If The Dude Just Cries The Whole Time (2011) Self published minicomic. Online here
  • Ben Lives In A Cabin Up A Mountain (2011) Self published minicomic
  • It Got Big For No Reason (2011)
  • Blood and Thunder (2010) I had a two page comic called I want to want to fight you in this anthology.
  • Kinokofry (Guest strip, 2011) A guest strip for Kinokofry
  • Pee Merm (2010) You can read this one online here
  • Super (2010)
  • Telep (2010) Drawn for a 'minicomic of the month' club that Pat started up. You can read it here
  • Tango: Love and War (2009) A short comic called Tanks. Cardigan Comics
  • Fray: Sex and Death (2009) I had a comic strip and spot illo in this collection of "True stories of beginnings and endings",although I think only one of them was true. Fray online
  • Tango: Love and Food (2008) A couple page story in this anthology called Crispy Bacon. Cardigan Comics